iPhone and His Friends

C-SIM Card Description:
If you want to unlock your iPhone 4S baseband 1.0.14, 1.0.11, 1.0.13 iOS 5.0 – 5.0.1, this C-SIM card is a good choose. It can unlock your iPhone 4S easily and work on most of the network operators

C-SIM Card Notice:
1. It can work on GSM/WCDMA, can not work on CDMA. if your iphone is CDMA network. do not buy this item.
2. This item is only work on iPhone 4S, can not work on iPhone
3.If your iPhone 4S doesn’t locate your carrier service provider, just call any phone number, when it is connected, wait until it hangs up itself.
4. If you can not find your carrier provider in the list under “country&operators” just enter “MCC MNC” under “Edit Mode” to unlock your iPhone.

Why buy C-SIM Card:
With C-SIM card, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone 4S, you don’t need to change your SIM card, you don’t need to cut the SIM card, What you need to do is only insert the C-SIM card and then chooose the country and carrier, then unlock it.

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Dan Graziano over at Boy Genius Report has a really insightful take of why the iPhone is as so much better experience for 99% of the population than Android.

Choice cuts:

Motorola released the DROID BIONIC in September, the DROID RAZR in November, and the DROID RAZR Maxx in January. To make matters worse, the company announced a new version of the RAZR with an unlockable bootloader not long ago. A new Android device is released almost every month from major manufacturers, often leaving consumers with severe cases of buyer’s remorse.


When Apple announces a device, the company also announces a release date. The carriers don’t tell Apple when to release a product, Apple tells the carriers when it will release a product.


When you power on an iPhone it works, plain and simple. The iPhone has no carrier branding whatsoever, nor does it have any bloatware. In…

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The first wave of shopping apps have largely been aimed at helping consumers find deals, often at the cost of brick-and-mortar retailers. In many cases, the big winner has been Amazon (s amzn), which managed to siphon off sales from retail stores, which can act like showrooms for consumers who end up buying online.

But a Bay Area start-up is looking to come to the aid of retailers while still giving consumers a good deal and a reason to keep shopping in-store. Pricetector, which launched a beta price adjustment app and website called Savvy.com in November, is rebranding the company and service under the name Eyeona, as it looks to become an even more useful tool to both consumers and retailers. It also announced that it bought up SavvyCircle, a another shopping service which it will use to add more wish list and price notification features to its…

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