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Clear Glass Back Cover for iPhone 4 (with Silver Apple Logo) – Frame White

Posted on: 30/01/2012

Clear Glass Back Cover for iPhone 4 (with Silver Apple Logo) – Frame White

Every one is unique in this world. You may try your best to be different from others all the time. Once upon a time, owning a iPhone 4 is a cheerful thing, then the white iPhone 4, this time is the transparent back covered iPhone 4s turn. If you are a guy who always embrace the fashion, I highly recommend this iPhone 4 back cover to you.

This brand new high quality back cover for iPhone 4 is a combination of quality material and premium craftsmanship. Once you own it, I bet you will never regret buying it.

The most attractive thing of this replacement is: its totally transparent, you can see the battery and other repair parts inside very clearly, which is a powerful impact to your visual sensation.
This back cover is made up of glass main part and plastic frame.
Plastic material ensures the back covers light weight, itwon‘t add too much bulk to your iPhone 4.

Also owing to its plastic attribute, using for a long time is possible.
Features metal mounting tabs for screwing the bottom two screws.

TYPE: P0984

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