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The release date for the iPad 3 is all but confirmed by Apple as many reports point towards a March 7th release date. The 7th of March is a very possible date as it fits within the report released last week from All Things D which cited an early March release. It also fits with the release schedule of previous Apple iPads. Several sources including iMore and The Loop are in agreement on the release date being set for March 7th, both being prominent sources for previous Apple leaks.

If previous sales are to repeat themselves the iPad 3 should be announced on the 7th and then be found in store in the US by March 16, a Friday. It would then become available for sales Internationally by March 30th. The details on the specs of the iPad 3 are of course up in the air. Many reports are saying that the Retina Display has been included with this release. However other reports are pointing to the previous CES iPad 3 sighting, and reporting that there are no big changes in line for the iPad 3. Some are saying that the iPad 3 is almost an iPad 2S and may in fact be named as such.

There are also still rumors of the possible release of an iPad with a smaller 7″ display. This would be a lower end model which would include a smaller price tag. This unit would be sold to compete directly with the popular Kindle Fire. There are no major rumors that this is what Apple’s big announcement will be on March 7th. It wouldn’t be the first time however that everyone expected something (the iPad 3) from Apple and received something totally different at the Apple announcement.

We here at iPad 3 News would not be surprised with any announcement made by Apple on March 7th. An iPad 3 without a Retina Display would make total sense as rumors lead us to believe Apple had issues sourcing these items. However by releasing a device with other upgrades they could cash in on the many waiting for a new iPad. The iPad Mini or other named 7″ iPad also makes total sense. This is obviously a growing segment of the market, and Apple is currently unable to compete with this form factor or price range. Of course our fingers are crossed for what almost everyone wants. That is an iPad 3 that includes the new A6 processor, a better battery and camera, and of course the Retina Display. We would rather see Apple’s big announcement to be the iPad Mini over a lackluster upgrade to the iPad 2.