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New things will be accepted by people, this is a great apple electronic age. But when you have to be careful of your iphone sliding down the iphone, it is easy to cause the screen burst. Someone used to buy some iphone  accessories to protect mobile phone, iphone that I agree with you. How about from breaking a solution, for you to keep a iPhone screen from harm.

Three generations of experience to the turn of the products, apple iPhone 4 screen finally ushered in the breakthrough of upgrades. From the old 480 x320 pixel increased four times, reached 960 x640 pixels. Although the pixel high and not reached the top of the phone’s screen, but don’t forget, apple iPhone 4 screen has maintained the iPhone 3 GS 3.5 inches, thus the result of, it almost beyond the limits of the human eye resolution. This is the progress of iphone LCD screen.

Although there are users get iphone 4 s, but more small problems or be careful users find, the latest reports say iphone 4 s screen with iphone 4. Yellow Compared to a poor. But the more DuoRen believe apple brought out the iphone, this little problem product’s talking of the technology.

The first generation of iPhone liquid crystal display monitor and the digitized combination fuses is taking one together. This means that if you break your digitized meter or your liquid crystal display monitor, you need also to replace, because they independent do not have the means from one. Then, you may achieve this point, but you have destroyed LCD and the digitized meter in this process. This fuses in together situation also expensive 3G or 3G iPhone type reason, first generation of iPhone screen service.

Of course, if you are not careful broke the screen also need not worry, more online service web site will tell you how to do it. For instance, your iphone screen points ratio, iphone model.